Thursday, December 1, 2011


I'm not very good at basketball.  Not good at dribbling, cant shoot for anything (I'm left handed and right eyed) and my defense is somewhat lacking.  I play pickup ball on Tues and Thurs at lunchtime.  The other day, while I was open underneath the basket, my teammate passed to the ball to me.  I immediately elevated to my standard 6 inch vertical jump and attempted a shot.  Once the ball was stripped and the other team ran down the court, I told my teammate who threw the ball to me that if I am under the basket and open, it is only for show.  Today, my teammate faked throwing the ball to me and then decided to throw it to me.  If my nose had hands, I would have caught the ball.  Thankfully it only bounced off of my face and into the opponents hands.  No blood but I do have a red mark on my nose.  No, I am not very good at basketball, but I love the interaction with the people, I love the workout and love learning things about the folks with whom I play.  There are times in life when we aren't very good at it.  We could simply not play or give up and quit.  Or we could run up and down the court and play. Yes, you might get hit or have the ball stuffed but at least you are out there, playing, interacting.  You can sit back and watch others engage in life, or you can step up and get on the court and have some fun.
Keep Running,

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