Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Limp

I've always walked with a limp.  Now, it is a bit more pronounced.  When I start walking, the limp is worse. Once my foot loosens a bit, the limp is not as noticeable; however, the limp is there.  

What causes a limp?  Either one's legs are out not the same length or there is some part of the anatomy that is not symmetrical; out of balance if you will.  Simple diagnoses: difficult solution.  A limp indicates there is something not right.  A limp displays a flaw, a limp telegraphs to others, and you, that there is an imbalance.

There is a time when I do not limp.  A moment in my life when my legs seem to be the same, when the now deformed right foot is the same as the left.  When I run.  In the split second both feet are off of the ground, they are equal.  Running is where I am in balance.  Running is where the imperfections go away.

You may not have a physical limp, but there may be a mental, emotional, or spiritual limp.  It is that one part of your life where things do not equal one another; where you are out of balance.  What is it?  Did someone lie to you and call you stupid?  Did someone tell you, you are worthless?  Did someone tell you will never be good enough?

For me, physically, running equalizes me.  For all of us and in all areas, Jesus, is the great equalizer.  He is the one who touches and heals and as He lifts you up, if even for a split second when your feet are not touching the ground, you are without a limp.  He is the One who calls you His friend, His brother, His sister, His Child!

I may walk out of balance, but I run with freedom.

Keep Running,

Friday, June 7, 2013

That Moment

That moment when the alarm sounds at 5 am on a Sat morning
That moment when you wonder if all of your gear is ready
That moment when you are driving to meet the running group
That moment when the air is chilly
That moment when all you want to do is go home and go back to bed
That moment when your GPS watch is not syncing
That moment when you take the first step towards a run
That moment when you wonder why you are doing this at all
That moment when you are still cold
That moment when you grumble internally at the decision to get up and run so early
That moment when your body warms up
That moment when you sweat begins to trickle down your face
That moment when you arrive at the turn around point
That moment when you have willed your body into doing what you desire, not what it wants
That moment when you know defeated the alarm clock, the temperature, the desire to crawl back into bed is when you won the race.
That moment, is what you live for!
And that moment is when you know you will...
Keep Running!