Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Competition was Fierce

I prepared myself for the "1st Annual and Only Steve Mills 4th of July Willard, MO 5k."  the other morning.  I knew the competition would be fierce, but I have faced these foes before.  In fact, they show at every race.  "Doubt", "Laziness", "The Easy Way Out", "No Need to Run", "Seriously Dude Just Go Back In" and "Why Are You Doing This?"  visit me the night before and are right there with me the morning of a run.  I will admit, there have been a few times I have listened to them and have given in to their temptation.  The funny thing is, while they accompany me to the starting line, they never run with me.  I pick up a new set of friends when I start the race.  "Achievement", "That Was a Great Run", "You've Got This" and "There's No Way I Am Quitting" run with me.  No matter how fast or slow I trod, these faithful companions are right by my side.

Who visits you the night before?  Who tells you, you cant do whatever task you have chosen to try?  Doubt? Laziness? The Easy Way Out?  No Need to Run?  Seriously Dude, Just Go Back In?  Why Are You Doing This?  Heres the deal: They may talk with you the evening of a race, they may bombard you with lies but I promise you, once you start running, they will stay behind and go hide.  Oh certainly, they will visit again, but the more you run, the smaller their voice becomes and the stronger you will grow.

Keep Running,

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