Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Just Pain

It's Just Pain

One of the questions I am often asked is "How is the foot feeling?" I reply honestly with "It hurts; it's painful."  The typical response is one of empathy.  I simply shrug it off and say "It's just pain."  I realize that my foot will most likely be in pain for the rest of my life.  With a Lisfranc injury, that is just how it is.

It's just pain.  Do you ever think about it?  I mean, when you aren't hurting, do you ever consider the pain?  I didn't.  I only thought about discomfort when I was hurting.  Now with every step I take on my right foot, there is pain; sometimes more, sometimes less; sometimes in the middle of the night and sometimes in the middle of the day but there is always pain.

It's just pain.  I am thankful for my injury.  I prayed last week, and with a genuine heart (at least I hope), thanked God for this injury.  He did not cause it, but He is using it.  I have met several people who have similar circumstances; some worse off, some not as catastrophic.  Through this injury, God has encouraged, challenged, supported and inspired.  Through this pain, God has blessed and ministered to people in ways that I could not imagine.

It's just pain.  I suppose that when I stop feeling pain, then I am dead.  I have decided that with every step, with every breath, with every moment of being uncomfortable, I will thank God for being alive.  I will thank God for the opportunity to listen to and care for others who are going through similar circumstances.  Rick Warren has said "God never wastes a hurt."  Indeed, He does not.  What we see as an injury, God sees as a healing touch, what we see as a limp, God sees as a step toward His presence, what we see as pain, God sees as life.  

People can be hurtful, situations in life can sideline us or slow us down, pain can either cause us to stop or make us decide to overcome and live life.  You decide, but after all, it's just pain.

Keep Running,

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